Internships abroad

The objective is that you find your own internship. You should try to find your internship before Christmas.

Be careful : Internship offers on the internet are rarely good.

What you should do as of today :

  • Join the Grenoble IAE_International Connections facebook page 
  • Create your network : speak to everyone you know about the fact that you are going to do an internship abroad in April. 
  • Your internship search abroad must be very precise.
  1. Choose ONE country
  2. Choose 2 or 3 cities you are attracted to
  3. Be able to explain your competences
  4. What domaine or department do you want to work in ? 

Create an excel file with :

  • the company website address
  • the name of your contact if possible
  • the email address
  • telephone number 

It is unlikely you will find an internship of 3 months in a big multinational company. Great companies to do an internhip in are :

  • Small and medium sized companies
  • Start ups
  • Charities
  • Companies that work with France
  • You can contact the local Chamber of Commerce 
  • You must contact 100 companies


You can find internship offers on

Guide stage à l'international
Veuillez trouver 
ici le Guide du stage à l'international qui vous prépare à votre voyage !

Les outils APEC
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